Red Campus At Night


I took the photograph this painting was created from in the middle of a cold night up on top of the parking garage right behind our apartment of what is referred to here in Columbia Missouri as the “Red Campus”.

Price: $2,400.00
Dimensions: 36in. × 1in. × 30in.

2 thoughts on “Red Campus At Night

  1. Hi David,

    John Swisher here. I don’t know if I can possibly afford it, but would you be interested in a commission for an outdoor work, probably metal, for my girlfriend’s bed and breakfast as a birthday present for her? It would need to be a bit less than three feet, but visible over the double car garage doors. Her air b&b is at 728 N. Lake Dr. and is on FB as the Lake House Inn. We think it’s the only Cape Cod style house architecture in Marshall. It was the old Anson House, if that helps. She would want to approve the design and I would try to pay for it. She’s a little younger than I and has most recently been working as director of the Lighthouse Women’s and Children’s Domestic Violence Services here in town. We’ve been dating since we met at a fundraiser for the Lighthouse on New Years Eve about a year and four months ago. If you’re too busy or out of my price range, I will completely understand, but anyway thanks for your consideration and time!


    • Hey John,

      I imagine this is a little late in terms of a reply to your request but I have had some difficulties in gaining access to my website due to some email problems. If you would like to connect with me via email I can be reached at You can also call me at (573) 817- 2804.

      I appreciate your kind words in regards to my art. I am basically now doing watercolor and oil painting. I no longer have access to a facility from which I can use the tools required for working with steel in a large capacity due to the fact that I am retired and have not the space or resources to maintain a kiln, a forge (which would be really great) or welding equipment. I have also found that watercolor and oil painting are quite a bit easier on my back and eyesight than fooling with heavier materials and very bright lights. These gentler and more specifically esthetic pursuits also seem to take care of my needs in terms of artistic expression. I have always been enamored with things that involve fire and beating the crap out of either clay or metal but have had to give up certain passions for activities which are less demanding on my aging bones and musculature. I have had to accept the inevitability of getting a little older and not being able to perform such feats of strength as I was once capable. I would imagine you can relate. There have been some payoffs which have come along. It is my hope that I have gained in the “good sense” department. One can only hope.

      You might also let your Mom know how much I appreciate her support when I was going through that awful time when I was breaking up with my first wife, Disa. I have since remarried a great gal, Sally, and we are doing really well. We see Disa and David Farris on a fairly regular basis especially with family visits with our sons, daughters in law and grandchildren. To tell you the truth, things have turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Take care my friend and let me know if I can be of help.

      Yours, David


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