5 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Wow! Truly impressive! You have really caught their likenesses! I especially like the one’s of Dave and Dianna!. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Kevin,

      COVID has through necessity made us all a bit more reclusive individuals. It is nice to have electronic communication available so as not to completely lose touch with the outside world. Zoom has become a way of life, a way of doing business and a way of staying connected with friends and family.

      As of 2018 I have been retired but still continue to paint every day. Being forced into isolation by the pandemic has been a formidable challenge; one which has had negative implications (like sickness and death) and positive results as well. Painting has become even more of a refuge for me since this recent challenge to our life style and; I am sure, has been a very helpful way of dealing with all of this stuff for many others. Our art has yet again provided a resourceful discipline to keep moving forward and remaining relatively sane.



  2. Really like the piece of you and Sally in front of that large tree!! Such a wide variety of interests with all of your work, enjoying the opportunity to explore so many great pieces. Enjoyed our conversation while you shopped the footwear at Basspro in Columbia. Hope you enjoy your purchases for many years to come. God Bless and be safe, your new friend, Kenny V.


    • Thanks Kenny, Going to see my sons and their families today in KC and will get to show off my new Merrills. Thanks for being there. JD


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