3 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Wow! Truly impressive! You have really caught their likenesses! I especially like the one’s of Dave and Dianna!. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Kevin,

      COVID has through necessity made us all a bit more reclusive individuals. It is nice to have electronic communication available so as not to completely lose touch with the outside world. Zoom has become a way of life, a way of doing business and a way of staying connected with friends and family.

      As of 2018 I have been retired but still continue to paint every day. Being forced into isolation by the pandemic has been a formidable challenge; one which has had negative implications (like sickness and death) and positive results as well. Painting has become even more of a refuge for me since this recent challenge to our life style and; I am sure, has been a very helpful way of dealing with all of this stuff for many others. Our art has yet again provided a resourceful discipline to keep moving forward and remaining relatively sane.



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